Hello, I'm Milly

My wardrobe has always been brimming with dungarees, but none of them perfect. Where are the flattering, long-lasting and well-made pairs we so crave? I decided to launch my own brand of proper dungarees. So at Milldred, we make proper dungarees that tick all the boxes.

Why Dungarees?

They’re the original seasonless staple. Ours are made to be worn all year round, year after year.

Why Milldred?

Our dungarees are flattering (it’s to do with the height of the hip - shh!) The sort you’ve always wanted but never found. We make them in small, limited edition batches so each pair is extra special. ‘Batches’ are the new ‘Seasons’ and our way of curbing waste. The organic Indian cotton and dyes are made to order, just for us, and the people who make each pair are proper tailors in a properly kept factory.

Why India?

You might not know that India is the original maker of hard-wearing dungaree cotton. In fact the name ‘dungaree’ is derived from the town, Dongri, just north of Mumbai, where the fabric was first manufactured. We’re proud to honour the traditional trade, sourcing our dungarees from the motherland.

Where does it start?

In London our pattern cutter Sinead and I do the designing. Several samples came before the ones you’ll buy and the feedback we got says you’ll look great.

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