Shooting Our Launch Campaign

Wednesday 1st December 2021. It was a pretty surreal day for me, bringing together a team of incredible, young, creative talent, having worked by myself on the product and brand for over a year to that point. At last, the vision that had occupied a sizeable area of mental real estate would become a reality.

At a private, West London home, warm, earthy tones canvassed our set. The unique location allowed the use of three distinct areas; a spacious studio, an overgrown, South-American inspired courtyard and a 70s-style home setting. This versatility is what drew us to the property, with natural light underpinning our moodboard and plants breathing life into the scenery. 

South-American inspired courtyard

Sunshine poured through the expansive Georgian windows and our simple studio became an oasis of soft hues and natural textures. Although we were lucky with the weather, by mid-morning the set had become so bright we had to rig up a bedsheet across the window!

Studio at 9am

Bella in Olive size XS

Model Bella, camera-ready above. 

light play

Early morning sunlight illuminates the paint-washed backdrop with branches casting playful shadows, above. Photographer, Lily Colfox, below.

Marcus Super 8

Assisting Lily, was Markus Sivvyer, who captured the day on 50mm film as well as Super 8 motion picture, for that nostalgic analogue aesthetic. I love the flirtatious, almost voyeuristic nature that this sort of footage brings. Private moments laced together to tell a story.

I've already seen an initial edit of the film and can't wait to share it with you very soon — keep your eyes peeled!


Below, Lucas Wilson, our lighting coordinator, chats to art director, Alice Colfox. Alice founded Green Art Department in 2019: a set design service inspired by the outdoors, intent on abolishing the industry’s disconnect with nature and wasteful approach to materials.

Lucas Wilson - Lighting
Milldred on set
Alice and Lucas confer on art direction, below.
Alice Colefox
The women at the centre of it all; Bella and Lexy, having fun on set below. Lexy is an incredibly talented singer and song writer who just happens to look outrageously good in a pair of Milldred's. You'll find her on Spotify here: Alexina.

Lexy & Bella Lexy with flower

Bella ModelMe sitting outside (freezing) in my navy dungarees — the first pair ever made. 

Milldred photoshoot set
Make-up artist Ruby Yu and Lucas below. Ruby is a London-based fashion makeup artist with years of experience in fashion editorials, campaigns, and shows around the world. 

Ruby, Milldred Make-up artist

Lucas Wilson, Lighting

Bella’s sultry gaze really brought the romance. 
Jungle Bella
Bella & Lexy in courtyard
Models in the jungle. 
Lexy navy dungarees in courtyard
set ground
A massive thank you to all the team but in particular, Lily, for her dedication and ongoing post production work. She's a creative genius. 
Milly x
P.s. Please share this feature with anyone you think might enjoy it too 
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